Scent of the Dark

The stars shine brightly as the night closes in The wind passes through my window bringing the fragrance of the dark that invokes memories from my broken soul © P. Bunnykins


Thank you for the constant follow even if I’m on and off the blogging world sometimes. I’m trying my best to balance work, blogging and drawing at the moment. 🙂 A few days ago, me and Cobbie met a homeless imp munching on our newly grown tomato outside the house. He begged me if weContinue reading “500!”

Learning how to Draw

I was so excited when my husband surprised me with an Intuos art tablet. I really love to draw, but I think drawing doesn’t feel the same way for me. LOL. I tried to sketch using an app on my tablet before, but it was difficult to control some of the lines. I created CobbieContinue reading “Learning how to Draw”

Fairies and Dreams

Winter Tales

Blanket of snowflakes covered the ground in crisp white where animals play against the icy wind and leave their footprints in the snow © P. Bunnykins

The Magical Window

Every time I look outside my window at night I’m always in awe of such a magical sight of beautiful geese flying in the moonlight and night flowers blooming calmly in sweet delight The fascinating feeling doesn’t end there for when the moonbeam starts to glitter in my hair I would hear nostalgic music inContinue reading “The Magical Window”