Soul Searching


Hello my mermaid and elven friends!

I am back from my short blog break. I did a little soul searching a few weeks ago and reconnected with nature, the sun and a whole lot of rain. My room was right in front of the rain forest, so I fell asleep to the lullaby of night animals. My favorite is the orchestra of crickets and frogs singing under the continuous rhythm of the rain.

I woke up to the sound of the birds (special mention: to the loud woodpecker!) and the glistening sunlight!

It was so peaceful. My mind blocked everything stressful including my blogging thoughts. In short, the relaxing trip gave me a writer’s block. So, I spent the whole week playing Farmville. After work, I stayed most of the time in bed, expanding my island’s area. 😛

Well, I felt mundane and useless. So, here I am!

P. Bunnykins

Love Notes

Fairy Wings

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© winterbutterfly81

I once believed I had fairy wings
long forgotten by life’s reality
but sometimes in the middle of the night
I would wake up above the old oak tree
© P. Bunnykins



Winter Tales

© Wikimedia Commons

Blanket of snowflakes
covered the ground in crisp white
where animals play
against the icy wind and
leave their footprints in the snow
© P. Bunnykins



My Redi Doti Adventure

Yesterday, me and the ER Team went to swim in one of Suriname’s hidden paradise. Redi Doti is an hour and a half drive away from the city. It was fun riding in the bus with my team mates, but I enjoyed watching the scenery more!

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The Magical Window

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor magical window
© fotolia

Every time I look outside my window at night
I’m always in awe with such a magical sight
of beautiful geese flying in the moonlight
and night flowers blooming calmly in sweet delight Continue reading “The Magical Window”


My magical work space

I write in a narrow table that faces the little window in my room. The position is perfect for me to look at the moon as it rises at night. I have a little angel lamp that provides a yellow light, the kind of color that soothes my so-called agitated mood. Continue reading “My magical work space”