A Beautiful Nightmare

In the deep abyss where dreams become real, she waits My nightmare awaits © P. Bunnykins

Fading Secrets

The gentle breeze blows my secrets to the sea and fades within the waves © P. Bunnykins      

Her Queendom

One day she’ll conquer and rule her own Queendom, with or without a king © P. Bunnykins

Phantom Dancer

The Phantom Dancer hides his face under a mask to dance one last time He’s like a devil on the dance floor as he moves It’s hauntingly good © P. Bunnykins

Burned Secrets

The pyre has gone wild burning everything with him even his secrets © P. Bunnykins  

A Lovers’ Quarrel

A Lovers’ Quarrel: Heated words that end up with cold sweats, broken hearts © P. Bunnykins  

Psyche and Eros

  Psyche the fairest has caught the eyes of Eros, Aphrodite’s son She betrayed him once but proved her unfaded love by passing three tasks © P. Bunnykins HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! ❤