#GIRLLOVE Challenge


To start off the year, I’m accepting the #GIRLLove Challenge that was created to help eliminate girl on girl hate, thanks to my lovely friend Jenn, of Stories and Scribblings for the tag! She is indeed a talented, brave and beautiful woman! I love reading her wonderful stories and I really admire how she puts humor in her writings.

Night Whisper

Love Notes

I woke up in a world far different from what I was used to.
Fell asleep in a bed where my nightmares turned to beautiful dreams.

2 in the morning, I awoke to the sound of your voice outside my window.

Wake up, Princess… Stop living in someone else’s dream. Come home to me… to our world… I need you here.

I run outside, barefoot.

Where are you?” I whisper.

No answer.
I fall down to my knees.
Hands on the ground.

Please… don’t leave me… I need you too…

©Pancake Bunnykins

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