Scent of the Dark

The stars shine brightly as the night closes in The wind passes through my window bringing the fragrance of the dark that invokes memories from my broken soul © P. Bunnykins

Fading Secrets

The gentle breeze blows my secrets to the sea and fades within the waves © P. Bunnykins      

Nature On Her Hair

In the wilderness painted with ranunculus and carnation hues She fell inlove with nature and wore it on her black hair © P. Bunnykins

Fairies and Dreams

Winter Tales

Blanket of snowflakes covered the ground in crisp white where animals play against the icy wind and leave their footprints in the snow © P. Bunnykins

Phantom Dancer

The Phantom Dancer hides his face under a mask to dance one last time He’s like a devil on the dance floor as he moves It’s hauntingly good © P. Bunnykins

Burned Secrets

The pyre has gone wild burning everything with him even his secrets © P. Bunnykins  

Children’s Wonderland

The wonderland calls for children and kids at heart All you need to do is listen to your heart and trust your imagination © P. Bunnykins

The Forgotten Fruits

The forgotten fruits sat stiffly for weeks, slowly transforming their tears into molds. © P. Bunnykins