A Beautiful Nightmare

In the deep abyss where dreams become real, she waits My nightmare awaits © P. Bunnykins

The Secret of Youth

She clinched the still beating heart above the cup, pouring the blood until its very last drop. “It feels so good to be young!” She smirked. © P. Bunnykins

The Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden harvests lost evil souls and brings them back to hell © P. Bunnykins

The Basement’s Secret

Every 2 AM, I tremble in fear at the sound of dragging steel chains that echo through the basement. It’s the exact hour the victims were murdered with their legs chained. © P. Bunnykins

The Transformation

He went home early to surprise Elene with flowers and movie tickets for their anniversary. He tried calling her earlier, but there was no answer. He slowly walked to their bedroom, hiding the flowers behind his back, but to his surprise, he saw her naked with another man in bed.