And at last I found you, and my heart goes, “There you are!” The twinkle in your eyes made the stars lost their sparkles as one by one they fell down to the sea I’ve seen you in my dreams and memorized your face but I’m feeling an unusual emotion… and it’s not love ©Continue reading “Confusion”

Scent of the Dark

The stars shine brightly as the night closes in The wind passes through my window bringing the fragrance of the dark that invokes memories from my broken soul © P. Bunnykins


Thank you for the constant follow even if I’m on and off the blogging world sometimes. I’m trying my best to balance work, blogging and drawing at the moment. 🙂 A few days ago, me and Cobbie met a homeless imp munching on our newly grown tomato outside the house. He begged me if weContinue reading “500!”

The 11 Commandments of Getting Over a Cheater

Moving on after being cheated is hard. There would be a lot of times where you question yourself why you got replaced. Am I not good enough? Am I boring? Am I less attractive? You ask over and over as you cry yourself to sleep.

A Beautiful Nightmare

In the deep abyss where dreams become real, she waits My nightmare awaits © P. Bunnykins