The Enchanted Forest

Do you believe in
enchanted rings and dragons?
Far away places
with evil queens and mermaids
wanderlust for adventure

Clovers and wishes
Leprechauns and their treasures
Once upon a time
you can see them in a place
where the moonlight meets the earth

A happy place for
unicorns farting rainbows
Enchanted forest
of elves and friendly monsters
and other tiny creatures
 © Pancake Bunnykins

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I really wanted to learn how to play the guitar or the piano when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to attend the music school that my father enrolled me in. I preferred playing with other kids outside the house rather than locking myself inside a room with an instrument. Sigh. Continue reading “Strings”

The Orchard

Cameron Moore became an orphan at the age of 6. Both his parents died when their house was accidentally burned down, three years ago. A family BBQ dinner gone wrong. The social workers couldn’t locate any close relatives because his family was not registered in the region, The Moores were illegal residents. Continue reading “The Orchard”