A Mermaid’s Plea

Oh, God of the sea bring forth your blessings to me a fish tail, I plea! So, I can swim by your side and ride with the wondrous tide © P. Bunnykins Poetry Day Nine, Apostrophe + Tanka

Mother Nature

I find happiness at the sight of the blue sky while taking a bite off my favorite egg pie I find happiness at the smell of the evening breeze that comes from the wondrous seven seas

Wine and Love

Wine comes in at the mouth (drunk brunch with good convo and good vibes) and love comes in at the eye (the beauty of your face melts into mine) I mixed Alexander Bentley and W.B. Yeats poems to create a simple Found Poetry. © Alexander Bentley © W.B. Yeats Poetry Day Seven, Found Poetry

The Magical Window

Every time I look outside my window at night I’m always in awe of such a magical sight of beautiful geese flying in the moonlight and night flowers blooming calmly in sweet delight The fascinating feeling doesn’t end there for when the moonbeam starts to glitter in my hair I would hear nostalgic music inContinue reading “The Magical Window”

When Nature Hits Back

Sometimes when the world wanted you to quit The best thing to do? drink red wine and sit Sit and just laugh at the world For you will never get hurled Proudly you walk, then you stepped on some shit © P. Bunnykins Poetry Day Four: Limerick Wow! Limerick is a little hard, don’t youContinue reading “When Nature Hits Back”


The sunset glows like a fire in the sky glistening the waters as it waves its goodbye Before darkness starts to wrap the world like a blanket it paints the heavens first like a beautiful palette © P. Bunnykins


C-obalt blue dragon O-ffspring of the four ancient guardians B-orn as the prophecy had written B-ringing balance to the kingdom and other dimensions I-mbibe with you the secret of the elements E-nding the reign of the black orcs and sirens © P. Bunnykins Poetry Day Three: Acrostic