Soul Searching


Hello my mermaid and elven friends!

I am back from my short blog break. I did a little soul searching a few weeks ago and reconnected with nature, the sun and a whole lot of rain. My room was right in front of the rain forest, so I fell asleep to the lullaby of night animals. My favorite is the orchestra of crickets and frogs singing under the continuous rhythm of the rain.

I woke up to the sound of the birds (special mention: to the loud woodpecker!) and the glistening sunlight!

It was so peaceful. My mind blocked everything stressful including my blogging thoughts. In short, the relaxing trip gave me a writer’s block. So, I spent the whole week playing Farmville. After work, I stayed most of the time in bed, expanding my island’s area. 😛

Well, I felt mundane and useless. So, here I am!

P. Bunnykins


Brunch at Puur

Me and my husband are huge fans of Brunch. Yeah, we love to wake up late in the morning and combine breakfast and lunch together. We are the Brunch Duo. (Oh! That’s not a bad couple name!)

Before my husband’s flight to Amsterdam, he suggested that we eat brunch at Puur. I heard of this place before, but I never knew where it was. Continue reading “Brunch at Puur”


Kokobana’s Valentine Special

I was expecting that we’re just gonna eat out fast, go home and watch Netflix with beers just like all the other Valentine’s Day that we had. But we didn’t.

My husband reserved a table for two at Kokobana along with their Valentine’s Day Dinner special, thinking that it was our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple. 😀 Continue reading “Kokobana’s Valentine Special”


My Redi Doti Adventure

Yesterday, me and the ER Team went to swim in one of Suriname’s hidden paradise. Redi Doti is an hour and a half drive away from the city. It was fun riding in the bus with my team mates, but I enjoyed watching the scenery more!

Continue reading “My Redi Doti Adventure”