Getting Pregnant

My New Book

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been on and off the blogging world again. I guess I’m still adjusting from my husband’s new job. I noticed that every time he’s gone for a day or two, I become really lazy. I would just lay down the bed the whole day and binge-watch series. Continue reading “My New Book”

Getting Pregnant

After Depo: Trying to Conceive

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My last Depo shot was in November 2016. I was supposed to get the next one in February 2017, but since me and my husband are planning to get pregnant, I stopped the prick. Continue reading “After Depo: Trying to Conceive”

Getting Pregnant

My Depo Shot Course!

What is a Depo shot?

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A Depo (Depo Provera) is a contraceptive for women given intramuscularly (IM) every 12 weeks or 3 months. The Depo shot contains the hormone progestin, which prevents ovulation. Continue reading “My Depo Shot Course!”