Getting Pregnant

My New Book

It’s pretty obvious that I’ve been on and off the blogging world again. I guess I’m still adjusting from my husband’s new job. I noticed that every time he’s gone for a day or two, I become really lazy. I would just lay down the bed the whole day and binge-watch series.

The other day, he came home from Miami and surprised me with a book, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It was a nice gesture knowing that he’s really into this getting-pregnant thing, but I’m done with books.Β I don’t want him spending money on books. I know he will be disappointed if I won’t read it. I mean, if I want to know something, I can just google it (It’s easy and fast) or if I want to read a book, I can download an e-book. So, I tried to explain to him that I’m going to read the book when I’m already pregnant.


And for now, I’m not.

I was delayed for two weeks, but test was negative. We thought that my period last May was just a false effect from stopping the Depo shot. Fortunately, my menstruation came this July. So, I think it’s confirmed that I’m back to my regular cycle again. πŸ˜€

P. Bunnykins


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