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My Depo Shot Course!

What is a Depo shot?

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A Depo (Depo Provera) is a contraceptive for women given intramuscularly (IM) every 12 weeks or 3 months. The Depo shot contains the hormone progestin, which prevents ovulation.

In 2014, I went to the doctor to ask about the Depo shot and she advised me to take it on the first day of my period or 5 days within the period.


The Depo prices I found on the web range from $20 to $50. When I went to the drug store, I bought it for $3.

Depo Provera 150mg/mL injection: $3

Depo Shot

The shot is given IM (intramuscular). I prefer receiving it in the buttocks. Trust me, it’s less painful there.

The Depo Side Effects:

I started using Depo in 2014 and after the first shot, my period stopped completely. I experienced some spotting once in a while, but throughout my Depo course, I was menstruation-free.

My appetite increased during the course, it’s like I’m hungry all the time. To prevent gaining weight, I balanced my frequent episodes of binge-eating with exercise.

I had numerous mood swings. At some point I am happy, the next thing I know, I am miserable – for unknown reasons. I also get irritated and annoyed fast. πŸ˜›

Before the Depo shot, my period usually comes every last week of the month with some menstrual cramps. After taking the Depo, I still have the menstrual cramps minus the menstruation.

Depo Calendar

During the course, I kept a Depo calendar handy to make sure I get the next shot on time.

2017 Date CalendarYou can download the calendar here.

Bye bye Depo!

After almost 2 years of using Depo, I’m finally saying goodbye to it. Me and my husband are planning to get pregnant, so the first step is to stop the prick.

It usually takes 6 up to 12 months to get the period back or become pregnant, so it’s better to be aware of this before starting the Depo shot.

After Depo: Trying to Conceive


Options for Sexual Health – Using Depo Provera
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13 thoughts on “My Depo Shot Course!”

    1. I used to get immunization shots as a kid there and you’re right! lol it doesn’t!

      It’s an interesting shot for sure though, but I don’t think I can handle mood swings on top of the tampo I’ve experienced lol

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  1. Appreciated that post, not that I will ever be using it at my age, but I’m sure there are many women that would like a real story about the results using this type of medication.
    Thanks Coyote for commenting, nice to hear from a male.

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