Love Notes

Just a Black Hole

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor universe
Β© science channel


If only you’ll love me back the way I love you
I will make you the center of my universe,
but I am just a black hole in yours
since you’re already blinded by the beauty
of that one gallant star.
Β© P. Bunnykins

8 thoughts on “Just a Black Hole”

    1. Very hot here today in Australia. Footy practice in a couple of hours. Uranus transits Aries. Looking around the world we are in interesting time. Things are definitely changing.

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    2. Brand new day here yet to be touched by human hands. Hope you are well. Good luck with whatever you are working on. Take care and stay cool x


  1. Really interesting symbol or archetype. Evokes nice imagery too. As I got home tonight I looked up and watched Orion. This passage connects and I feel safe as I always have with stars in the sky at night. Thanks again 😌


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