If I speak Dutch

Imagine living and working in a Dutch-speaking country and everyone’s pressuring me to speak the language fluently just because my husband is Dutch. Oh, please! Really…

Everyday, I’m trying my best to speak Dutch especially in the hospital even if I look like a fool sometimes and everyone’s looking at me like:

Image result for huh gif

Anyone can relate?

There were also lots of times where I tried so hard to speak Dutch to my patients, but it turns out they only speak English. I made an effort, man!

And whenever I have Javanese/Indonesian patients, I will talk Dutch to them, but they always respond to me in Bahasa.

Meneer of Mevrouw, Ik ben geen Javan!

Image result for huh gif

And they will be surprised that I’m not. Yes, I know I really look like a typical Javanese and a lot of them were fooled by that. It’s funny though. πŸ˜›

One time, me and my brother went to a Javanese gathering and I really felt I belong because everyone looked like Filipinos. They’re really hospitable, I thought I was at home for a moment. Just don’t make me speak or they will know.

Yeah, I also think I look Javanese

Sooner or later, I will speak Dutch fluently, I just need to listen more to my private translator/teacher: My husband.

P. Bunnykins

20 thoughts on “If I speak Dutch”

  1. I finally see you! wow!! ☺️

    In my case it was slightly different, I grew up in Iquique, Chile. As a kid when I moved there from Taiwan at the age of 3 with my sister. We were two Chinese immigrants who had no idea whatsoever how to speak Spanish but we had a teacher who was really good to us and taught us the language, then when I thought life was making sense at the age of 13 we moved to Canada! oof! :S

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    1. Ya! First time I’ve ever seen you and I hope many more coming πŸ™‚ Yep, I speak Spanish and it’s also the first official language I learned growing up, mom had to teach me Mandarin herself before everything else, I am slightly rusty though since I don’t speak it very often anymore here in Vancouver but It will always be part of me πŸ™‚

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    1. Oo, Dutch tsaka ung local dialect nila na Taki-Taki which is broken Dutch and English. Para sakin, mas mahirap ang German kasi mas maarte ung spelling nila compare sa Dutch. πŸ™‚ Bilib ako sa mga kabayan na marunong mag German hehe.

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  2. Hey, it’s not your first language so people need to chill lol It is very admirable that you are working at it. I would like to start making more of an effort to learn another language:)


  3. I am a Filipino trying to learn German!! Some similarities with Dutch (my BF says he can understand Dutch and he’s German! ) :))

    I totally understand how you feel though!!


    1. Oh yes! I really think it’s similar in some ways, my husband can understand German, too! Hahaha πŸ˜„
      Good for them. Lol πŸ˜‚ Is it true that you’re really obliged/need to speak German there most of the time? 😐


  4. My husband who happens to be a German based in the Netherlands says the Dutch can understand German. As early as this time, I wish I can have to power to learn Dutch alongside German. Some words sound alike but has a totally different meaning.:D

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