I feel like whining…


I knew when I got out of my first night shift earlier that the sound of the never-ending rain was a sign that this day will suck.

I spent two hours trying to get a taxi. The taxi companies here are on hybernating mode when it’s raining, so if you don’t have a car,


We don’t have available taxis roaming around, you need to call them to get one.

Finally, they picked up and told me they’re gonna send one, but I have to wait 10 to 20 minutes. Okaayy, what choice do I have? Well, I waited 40 minutes looking like a zombie.

I only slept for four hours and now I’m waiting for my take-out dinner that will come in more than 120 minutes.

Image result for gif fuck my life

Goodluck with my second night shift later. I’m bummed!

P. Bunnykins

11 thoughts on “I feel like whining…

  1. Mummm, sorry bout your night shift and the rain, and the taxi, and the take-out dinner, and the short sleep….. a tough night. Hope that tonight would be a better night for you. My husband worked night shift for a hospital for years…. a few years ago, he worked PM shift, got off at 11:00 pm, was sleepy while driving… well had an accident… Hope everything goes well for you!


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