Being Morena

At a young age, I always get criticized by the color of my skin. I am a pure-blooded Filipina, so my skin color is brown or morena.

My country has this obsession with fair skin. Almost everyone I knew dreamed of having a fairer skin, including me. I think that’s our definition of being beautiful. Even Filipino guys prefer girls with lighter complexion.

People called me maitom (dark) and chaka (ugly) in hurtful ways, that’s why I tried a lot of whitening products just to make my skin whiter, unfortunately, none of them worked. πŸ˜›

Even when I was already in college, they still described me the same way, comparing me to all my blessed fair-skinned classmates. 😦

Fast forward… My husband taught me how to be comfortable with my skin color. He would tell me everyday he’s jealous of me, wishing he has the same color as mine. Even his family told me the same thing. It was a nice feeling being appreciated like that. I learned not to be afraid of the sun. I love my color a lot now that I want to be a little darker. πŸ˜›

I kept telling my friends who whines at Facebook about their brown skin (it’s crazy, but yes they do that!) to just accept and embrace it since people from other countries really admire our color.


I think I got my skin color from my handsome Papa ❀

I really don’t post private photos on my blog, but today is an exception.

My mother has fair skin, that’s why my second brother (the one on my right) is whiter than the rest of us.

NOTE: Please, please don’t laugh at my picture! LOL. I’m really bad with pictures before. I always end up closing my eyes because of the flash. So, in this photo, I actually told myself not to look at the camera to prevent closing them… and it worked!

P. Bunnykins

25 thoughts on “Being Morena

  1. Rose says:

    Sorry to hear about those mean names you’ve been called in the past. It’s all in the past and I’m really glad that you’ve embraced your skin colour! I think it’s beautiful. ^_^


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