Spring Cleaning


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This is 100% true!

If it’s my husband’s day off, he would go into his mancave (literally, sit in front of the computer) the whole day. He said that it’s his reward to his self since he worked hard the whole week. Good for him!

Well, my day off is obviously spent cleaning the house and of course, doing laundry. This is a married woman’s life! Hahaha, actually I’m just really OC like -most of the time!

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To complete our spring cleaning this month, me and my husband decided to donate clothes that we haven’t worn the past year. It was hard letting go of some clothes because I’m used to it being there and some brings back a lot of memories, but I’m glad I let them go. It’s for a good cause and people from the interior need it more.

P. Bunnykins

7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

    1. I would have to amend your statement to “while the husband cleans the house just like I do.” I’d go nuts in bed while he cleans house! It is seriously oh so nice that you and your hubby agreed to turn loose of clothes. Neither of us do that well!

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