Another Year!


Listening to Banana Pancakes always makes me feel nostalgic. I love the song so much. It made me reminisce about the getting-to-know dates I had with my Fiancé before we became official official! Oh yeah! This is one of our songs! ❤

I actually felt like playing it to start off our anniversary! Yey!

Since it’s Sunday,  we woke up late again. Hey, it’s Lazy Sunday Morning! and I’m off! Sunday mornings are made for cuddling and talking in bed for hours. And this is why I love waking up on Sundays.

Being the cook in our magical abode, I prepared a small breakfast with fish sticks, garlic bread, and our favorite coffee. I also served two varieties of sauce for him to choose from: BBQ and sour cream & onion.


We spent the afternoon watching the series FRIENDS and doing what we’re good at, being lazy! (The city is like a ghost town on Sundays, there’s not much to see so, we’re homebound.)

We had a special dinner at a Japanese restaurant called Wasabi and here is a proof of how I actually suck at using chopsticks. Trust me! I have a feeling I will never ever learn it. The sushi was already torn apart before it even reaches my mouth.

*And one more thing, I don’t really like sushi. I just tried that one piece so I can feel the Japanese-sy feeling! I ate their Unagi fried rice and dumplings.


The food was delicious, our stomachs were full, and we had a wonderful evening.
Happy Anniversary to us. ❤


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