Future of Arts and Crafts

Today is the day where I can say that my mind is totally jaded. The things I wrote today were in my draft. I can’t post them yet because I’m too exhausted to proofread them. 😦

This is my only day off after nine ten straight days (including 3 graveyard shifts). Whew! 😥

This morning, I tried crafting things again as a form of relieving stress, but I don’t have enough materials, so I improvised. I am planning to make a bon voyage card to a friend/colleague who’s moving to Ireland. I don’t think I’m gonna finish it on time. I have 3 days left.

12092207_855002934567974_1745905952_n (2)
My first draft of a pop-up bouquet card

I don’t like the colors. I hope I will still have the time to buy pastel colored papers.

This is a birthday card that I made for a friend last year. She asked me if I can make it like a couple card or something for her boyfriend’s birthday.

12029118_1056679394342634_1808411001_n (1)

I made a pop-up card of a couple cruising on a boat under the aurora borealis where the guy is seen playing the guitar to his girlfriend. I used oil pastel for the background and construction papers for the rest. The birthday message is written on the pull-out page. The front of the card is a silhouette of a couple dancing under the full moon.

I miss doing arts and crafts. I will try to give it more time in the future. I just need to buy more materials. Cutting and coloring is a really good form of relieving stress.


010000239m (1) (4)

18 thoughts on “Future of Arts and Crafts

  1. Love the cards. I like the colors on your flower. I think it would be very calming to focus on such a craft but after ten days of work, I wouldn’t be able to get past sleep. But sleep wouldn’t be as rewarding.


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